Tram Cao



Tram is a results-focused data management professional with years of experience in academic research, corporate reporting and statistical information.

Tram brings extensive experience in conducting research, analysis, and finding and solving management issues from a background that is both academic and practical. She believes that data and analytics allow us to make informed decisions and at the same time enjoys working with people toward the goal of performance improvement and sustainable change.

What would you describe as your area of expertise?

I have demonstrated expertise in using large, complex data sets to draw conclusions and effectively communicate and visualize my findings. I love problem solving and my strength lies in identifying issues and finding solutions.

How would you describe working for Francis Health?

Francis Health consists of people from various backgrounds and possessing different skill sets. They are all talented people who work toward the same goal and are passionate about bringing about sustainable changes and improvement. It has been a privilege working in this team and I am confident that we are looking after other and support is always at hand.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working to improve the flow of acute patients through hospitals at Southern District Health Board. I provide analytical support to identify the opportunities for improvement and the results of our rapid cycle implementations.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

“To shine one corner of the world–that is enough. Not the whole world. Just make it clear where you are.” (Shunryu Suzuki)