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An analysis of Medical Assessment Units in NSW was undertaken by Francis Health to better understand the current levels of MAU performance and identify opportunities to optimise patient outcomes and levels of effective service provision in these units.

Medical Assessment Units (MAUs) in NSW provide a model of care for undifferentiated, complex, chronic, non-critical, most often elderly, medical patients.  

Our tailored approach

A qualitative review of the current MAU landscape allowed for a comparison of the current state to the key elements of the ACI MAU Model of Care.  Evidence was accumulated through a series of site visits and a provider survey.  The findings of these activities were utilised to identify current themes as they relate to the Model of Care.

A joint solution

Francis Health’s descriptive analysis of MAUs in NSW provided:

  • An understanding of the types of patients using the MAUs and compared their length of stay to similar patients within the NSW hospital system;
  • An assessment of whether the MAU Model of Care has an impact on access to care for patients, current emergency department key performance indicators, hospital efficiency and financial resources;
  • A description of the current MAU profile(s) against the 2014 MAU Model of Care, including consideration of the development of MAUs across NSW since the 2011 evaluation; and
  • A measurement of the MAU patient experience in comparison to other inpatients.

The descriptive analysis Francis Health delivered made a range of recommendations for consideration to sustain and enhance the delivery of the MAU Model of Care into the future.