Naila Naseem

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Naila has 30 years’ experience in health having started her professional life as a front line clinician working in Prosthetics. Specialising in Organisational Development and Culture, Change Management, Performance Improvement and Coaching. Naila has led transformation and improvement programmes in New Zealand and Australia. With a natural ability to work comfortably at all levels, she ensures the interests of all stakeholders are acknowledged, maintaining cooperation and good working relationships between teams and individuals. Naila works closely with clients, building trust relationships and providing thought leadership and skills transfer to internal teams, successfully implementing a sustainable practice and culture of performance improvement. 

What would you describe as your area of expertise?

The art of asking the right questions combined with an ability to simultaneously be immersed in and meta to a situation allows me to effectively guide and instil confidence in individuals and teams through all phases of the change process.  Change is hard; in any programme - large or small - even the ‘change champions’ can be pushed to their limits. Through conversational or structured coaching, I thrive in helping individuals and teams stay resourceful and energised.

Which projects are you most proud of (and why)?

No matter how great your processes are, people and relationships are at the heart of what makes an organisation hum. I am really proud to have worked with various ambulance services in which misperceptions created friction between paramedics and the call centre – an interface in which seamlessness is crucial in providing urgent responses under stressful conditions. I’m always in awe of what individuals are prepared to do to improve the service they provide for their patients. It was this willingness of the two services to come together and ‘walk in each other’s shoes’ combined with our coaching and facilitation that resulted in a significant step change in performance as well as new friendships.  Here, I was humbled by their extraordinary efforts and the resulting mutual respect and support that was gained between the teams.

How would you describe working for Francis Health?

Francis Health allows me to be me. The flexibility of our proven frameworks and methodologies allows us to be creative in designing bespoke solutions for our clients. The creative autonomy that Francis Health encourages and entrusts with its team is empowering and fosters a dynamic in which we all spark off of each other. I have never met a team with so much passion in their bellies for what they do!

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I am fortunate to be:

  • working with the Bay of Plenty District Health Board opportunities to improve the acute pathway through the hospital. It’s important that we have a coordinated ‘whole of system’ response to the urgent needs of the population.

  • conducting a Service Review for The New Zealand Artificial Limb Service, who are making brave and innovative advances that will change amputees lives forever.

  • co-presenting with the Clinical Director of Waitemata DHB’s ED at this years’ ACHSM conference. We recently worked together on the ED Model of Care re-design which has resulted in improved and sustained performance.

What is your Big Hairy Audacious Goal?

I would love to climb Everest Base Camp on my 50th birthday, which isn’t far so I better get training!