Martin Freeman

Managing Partner - Australia

Martin Freeman 2019

AU Mobile: +61 488 732 915
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Martin is a performance improvement specialist who is experienced at working closely with people at all levels from consumers to senior executives. His insights gained from his experience in other sectors is valued by his clients, as is commitment to collaboration in the creative co-development of solutions. His broad skill set and highly developed stakeholder management skills support a consistent record of successful delivery.

What would you describe as your area of expertise?

I am a problem solver at heart and my core skill is strategic analysis and assessment. This involves bringing together diverse data points to develop and articulate a clear understanding of any given situation – and then working with people to design the way forward. That way we craft innovative and pragmatic solutions.

Which projects are you most proud of (and why)?

The work which has lasting value is the most rewarding. When a client tells you that our work we changed the way they work, or how the insights we've provided have delivered more than expected value over time - that’s the best for me.

In 2007, Lakes DHB dramatically lifted surgical services productivity during our engagement with them. They then self-sustained that performance over subsequent years by using our tools. Similarly the implementation of our Revenue Improvement Plan had delivered over $10 million in additional funds for large metro LHD in Sydney in less than 12 months - both of these projects gave me great pride. 

How would you describe working for Francis Health

Less a job,  for me it’s more a way of life. And the best perk in the workplace (as in life) is to do exciting, different and challenging work with great people.

What are you currently working on ?

I’m currently working for the Aboriginal Workforce team at the NSW Ministry of Health. We are facilitating a series of 15 workshop sessions state-wide that bring senior management and members of the Aboriginal Workforce together to explore the potential of the new Aboriginal Health Worker guidelines. As a Kiwi in Australia this experience has been a professional challenge and a cultural eye opener. It’s also great to feel that in some small way that we at Francis Health are making a contribution to "Closing the Gap".

What’s been your biggest aha moment?

Disruption is the new normal. Health systems are just now starting to feel the intense waves of disruptive changes which have torn through other parts of the economy (think taxis, music publishing, car manufacturing just  for starters). Every health organisation needs to be aware that what has made them successful up until this point, will no longer be sufficient to sustain that level of success in the future.