Biraween Sritharan



Biraween is an ambitious and driven individual wanting to make positive change across the health sector. His unique background of medicine, business, and finance has been the driving factor in his pursuit of a career in healthcare consulting.

How would you describe yourself?

Iā€™m a people-person. I enjoy meeting new people, building relationships, and understanding their needs in order to find innovative and tailored solutions for their problems.

Which projects are you most proud of (and why)?

I thrive on challenges and taking risks, which lead me to starting my own tuition business a few years ago while studying at university. This project took many months of hard work and sleepless nights, and is something I am immensely proud of. Currently, I manage a small team of eight employees and the company has seen growth each successive year.

How would you describe working for Francis Health?

Every day at Francis Health is a new day with a new challenge. Working with like-minded, supportive individuals who share the same passion about healthcare has taught me a great amount and is highly rewarding!

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working at Nepean Hospital on an Acute Flow Project that highlights the importance of removing unnecessary waiting in the patient journey and the impacts of hospital acquired de-conditioning. My role as the analyst on this project has allowed me to support strategic decision making by providing data-driven insights to both our internal team and within the wider hospital context.