Andrew Terris

Senior Associate - United Kingdom
UK Mobile: +44 787 603 2650
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"His professionalism and ability to deliver at both strategic and operational levels led to him being a highly respected expert in his field, well regarded by clinicians, health executives and policy makers. It was an absolute pleasure to work with a man of such integrity and high standards."

Shelley Frost , Chair GPNZ and vice-chair
New Zealand Health Quality and Safety Commission

Andrew has a diverse background spanning management in audit, big five consultancy and a blue chip company as an international project-trouble-shooter for various industries.  He has spent 15 years in health including leading national programmes of work, systems and processes. These have encompassed a large (tertiary) hospital commissioning, the New Zealand national integrated measurements framework, establishing and managing a successful health consulting company and being co-founder of an international start-up in the health-integration software.

Andrew traverses strategy and operational implementation. He has facilitated regional and national groups bringing together diverse points of view including policy, clinical, management and vendors, safely steered through complex issues distilling consensus and (re)solution. 

His specialty areas are governance, process, systems and programme leadership.

What would you describe as your area of expertise?

Integration – of people and situational analysis and options around solving complex problems.  I tend to be brought into situations where there are not “off the shelf” solutions or answers to things – and then focus on building a great team of people to identify, own and deliver the solution together.  Working with and in teams has a multiplier effect.  I take pride in ensuring that solutions that are put in place are co-developed and owned by those using them – it makes the results sustainable, enduring and equips the team with skills that they can use to continue to improve.  I guess you could say that my job is to make myself redundant. 

Which projects are you most proud of?

I have been blessed with great opportunities to work with and learn from great people.  It is hard to identify just one or two projects but here goes:

In term of learning curve and challenge, the best example pre-dates my foray into health.  I remember leading the SAP implementation (in the early 1990s) for implementing the inventory and sales system nationally for the largest cellphone reseller/distributor in Thailand (in 2 languages, two date systems and a very different culture).

More recently and in health-establishing and leading the New Zealand National Primary Care quality and information programme (Patients First) stands out. It was a “hearts and minds” first, then technical solutions next. We delivered GP2GP (achieving 98% adoption nationally in 18 months for a minimal budget), the development and delivery of the National Electronic Prescribing Service and the development of a national tool to consolidate and democratise health quality measures in NZ (Health Quality Measures NZ). I was then asked to transition it into a national NFP company and act as founding CEO.

More recently, my role as the National Programme Director for the New Zealand Integrated Performance and Incentive Programme (now called “System Level Measures”).  This is a revolutionary way of looking at quality and pay for performance models across the system of heath.  This was a highly political project with many moving parts and stakeholders. 

How would you describe working for Francis Health?

This is a “can do” company that is connected, experienced and informed but above-all, practical.  It is great to be part of a niche consulting team that punches above its weight in terms of experience, knowledge and delivery. Yet it is still small enough to pick up the phone to colleagues half the world away to tap into deep wells of expertise and knowledge.

I like the Francis Health methodology and how it allies process improvement with analytics and organisational design. This way we can ensure that changes “stick” and have a high degree of local ownership. 

We are not a big company – so the limitation of numbers is also a strength. We do not bring in large teams or armies of consultants.  Our approach is far more collegial with a small team working alongside the clients to come up with sustainable solutions, rather than trying to fit an “off the rack” product to a unique client.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on:

  • Supporting University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire (one of the larger Acute Trusts in the UK) with a redesign and improvement of their Outpatient processes and governance.

  • Supporting Francis Health’s renaissance in the UK market.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

The opportunity to make a positive difference and “giving back”.  I like the metaphor of building a cathedral – it may take more than my lifetime and I am only a small cog, but it is nice to be someone who helps the collective building of something that will be useful for future generations.  That’s why I love the healthcare industry.