Francis Health delivered Aboriginal Health Worker Guideline workshops to all Local Health Districts and Speciality Health Networks in NSW. These deliberative workshops brought together Aboriginal Health Workers and Senior Leaders to explore how the recently published Aboriginal Health Worker Guidelines can support local development of the Aboriginal workforce.

The NSW Health Aboriginal Health Worker Guidelines were published in December 2014. The Guidelines provide a framework for defining, implementing and supporting Aboriginal Health Worker roles in NSW Health. In order to better socialise the content and intention of the Guidelines with the seventeen Local Health Districts and Specialty Health Networks across the state, NSW Health resolved on a strategy of delivering an ‘Aboriginal Health Worker Guideline Roadshow’. Working with colleagues from the NSW Health Aboriginal Health Unit, Francis Health were engaged to both design the workshop format and facilitate each workshop.

"I'm excited to be part of this professional cultural change."

Aboriginal Health Worker, Western NSW LHD

Our tailored approach

Francis Health developed a specifically designed workshop to meet the needs of NSW Health. The workshop was titled, “Exploring Possibilities” and employed a number of interactive exercises to help Aboriginal Health Workers, managers and senior leaders better understand the content of the Aboriginal Health Worker Guidelines and then consider how the Guidelines could be used to support change locally.

Our Joint Solution

Francis Health understands the refined approach required to manage broad ranging groups of stakeholders and as such developed elements of the Aboriginal Health Worker Guideline workshop jointly, alongside colleagues from NSW Health and each relevant LHD and SHN. Local Aboriginal Health Workers were invited to tell their story at the start of each workshop to provide important perspective and context as well as local workforce managers who were able to articulate the local Aboriginal workforce position. By working collaboratively in this manner Francis Health were able to deliver a workshop that delivered bespoke local outcomes.

To read the Overview Report of the workshops developed by Francis Health, click here.


"Staff from the NSW Health Aboriginal workforce unit have worked with Francis Health consultants for the last 12 months. We found the consultants to be open to learning, and flexible in their approach and communication. They set the audience at ease with their sense of humour and engaging and collaborative style."

- Charles Davison, Manager of Aboriginal Workforce, NSW Health